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Presentation Topics

If you are interested in having Martin give a complimentary talk to your business clients, professional organization or local Chamber on any of these topics; just contact us.


Human Resources Issues for Small and Midsized Business Owners


The topics covered would be:


  • How to properly classify exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Rules for rest and meal breaks
  • Payroll mistakes that can cost you
  • Proper termination procedures
  • The Immigration and Reform Control Act
  • Personnel file maintenance
  • The importance of personnel policy updates
  • Required postings
  • The value of Job Descriptions
  • The value of a Salary Structure
  • What you should know about your Workers Comp and Health insurance brokers
  • Required Training/Compliance issues
  • Independent Contractors
  • Layoffs/Downsizing considerations


Why you Need a Salary Compensation System and How to Build One


The topics covered would be:


  • The Value of a Salary Compensation System
  • Create Job Descriptions
  • Create Job Families
  • Compare to Current Situation
  • Create Salary Structure
  • Match Jobs to Structure
  • Obtain Current Salary Data
  • Create Pay Grade Matrix
  • Link Matrix to Merit System


Hiring for Consistent Performance


The topics covered would be:


  • Job descriptions
  • Job applications
  • Advertising plan
  • Interview guide/question types
  • Testing considerations
  • Making the offer/screening
  • On-boarding/orientation
  • Post orientation


Leave Me Alone


The presentation entitled “Leave Me Alone” will review & discuss CA and Federal leave laws that apply to business owners. The information presented will cover the following aspects of all the leave laws:


  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Employee Rights
  • Employer Rights
  • Duration of Leave
  • Leave Notice requirements


Other Presentation Topics


Presentation length of about 1 hour


  • Wage and Hour Traps for California Employers
  • Dress Codes in the Workplace
  • The Paid Family Leave Act
  • Exempt Status Classification Errors
  • How to Build a Progressive Discipline System
  • What you need to know about Cal-OSHA
  • Leadership and Management
  • How to Terminate an Employee
  • Employee Motivation
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Conflict Resolution at Work
  • Understanding What an Exempt Employee Is
  • LGBT Issues in the Workplace
  • Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Improving Workplace Behavior


We can also develop a custom presentation if you think there is something that your clients might find helpful.